Data Source: Yahoo! Finance

As you may or may not know, I work at the Kresge library at the University of Michigan, and every once and a while I like to share really useful websites that I use often on the reference desk.

Yahoo! Finance is one of the top financial websites in the United States. Yahoo! Finance has daily ticker information going back into the early ’00s for free. It also has press releases, financial reports, and some hosted tools for personal finance. I use it most often for looking up tickers.

The great thing about Yahoo! Finance (which you don’t find on many paid sources even) is that is keeps historic tickers. Meaning that it will have stock information for companies which are no longer public traded. This is often useful for troubleshooting why a patron may not be finding the information they are needed. Often databases purge this information to disastrous consequences. A great example is GM and Ford, where literally decades of information was lost because they declared bankruptcyor were not longer publicly traded.  Their information, though not useful for trading, is often very useful for people doing academic or analysis work.

Market stats, great visualization tools, SEC filings and amble analysis and information, I will often send people here before places like Bloomburg or WRDS because of its user friendliness and the fact students can use it after they graduate, no matter who they work for.  I’ve included a quick screenshot of Ford so you get an idea of the sorts of things you can get.