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BRASS Gale Cengage Student Travel Award

I had the supreme honor of being the Student Travel Award winner for 2012 for BRASS, the business reference section of ALA. See the original press release. My library school the University of Michigan School of Information also put out a press release. Picture is myself and a representative from Gale Cengage Learning at the […]

I have (another) blog!

As part of SI643 (Professional Practice in Information and Library Centers) I have to set up and keep a separate blog. This blog is centered on reflections on readings and classes, mostly focused on library instruction and technology practices. For this class I have created a screencast, and will host a book club and a […]

From Dead Media class

“The collector delights in evoking a world that is not just distant and long gone but also better — a world in which, to be sure, human beings are no better provided with what they need than in the real world, but in which things are freed from the drudgery of being useful.” Walter Benjamin, […]

First Post!

This is my first post on my brand new website! Welcome! I first started creating this site about a month ago when I started to think about a job hunt. For some reason, it seemed like a good idea to NOT use my drupal class and try out WordPress instead. The difference are not tantamount […]