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The five things I learned about myself from taking a MOOC

I  took the Coursera Gamification course in September for various reasons. I am interested in gamification in education. I am also interested in MOOCs and how they are going to change education. What better way of learning a teaching method than as a student, right?  I found I learned less about MOOCs, and more about […]

HackLibSchool Post in Quasi-Con 2012: “How to Hack the Academic Conference”

I was lucky enough to be part of the planning of this last year’s first ever quasi-conference, and even more lucky to be part of the writing team for this blog post: How to Hack the Academic Conference. This article outlines the process of running a conference/conference as a student, with potential benefits and lessons along […]

On Self-Archiving

Self-archiving to me is an oxymoron. The act of archiving involves an institutional commitment to preserve knowledge and culture beyond political and technological changes. In the case of research, data archives represent institutions dedicated to the long-term preservation of data. Ideally, data archiving is a process throughout the life cycle of research and involves the […]

I’m Famous! Well, for people who read the Michigan Daily

You can view here on the Michigan Daily site: The 21st Century Library: Books may gather dust in the stacks, but librarians are busier than ever It is always nice to know, when one is in graduate school, that people outside the bubble are wondering about the same things that you are wondering about. I […]